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Sinopharm Vaccination

Sinopharm COVID-19 Vaccination

The Sinopharm vaccine uses an inactivated COVID-19 virus to teach your body's immune system to make antibodies against the actual COVID-19 virus.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) has validated Sinopharm vaccine for emergency use in persons aged 18 and above as the known benefits outweigh the possible risks. While there is insufficient data to assess its safety in pregnant women, WHO concluded that as the vaccine is an inactivated vaccine similar to others used in pregnancy, its use is recommended when benefits outweigh the risks. Pregnant women, especially those aged 35 and above or who have medical conditions are at higher risk of developing severe COVID-19. Its use in breastfeeding mothers is also recommended on a similar basis.

国药疫苗使用灭活的 新冠肺炎病毒来教您身体的免疫系统产生针对实际 新冠肺炎病毒的抗体。世界卫生组织 (WHO) 已验证 国药疫苗可用于 18 岁及以上人群的紧急情况,因为已知的益处大于可能的风险。虽然没有足够的数据来评估其在孕妇中的安全性,但世卫组织得出结论,由于该疫苗是一种与怀孕期间使用的其他疫苗相似的灭活疫苗,因此建议在获益大于风险时使用。孕妇,尤其是 35 岁及以上或有健康问题的孕妇,患严重 新冠肺炎的风险更高。也建议在类似的基础上将其用于母乳喂养的母亲。



  • $55 (单剂或加强剂) 

  • $105 (两剂)

  • $160 (三剂)

  • $25 (If Doctor consult needed)  
    医生质询 (只限于疫苗事件)

The Sinopharm vaccine comprises 3 doses. The first 2 doses are administered 3 weeks apart and the 3rd dose to be given 90 days after the 2nd dose. Pacific Medical Clinic Paragon accepts patients 18 years and above and by appointment only.

国药疫苗包括3剂。前 2 剂间隔 3 周,第 3 剂在第 2 剂后 90 天注射。疫苗只限于18岁以上。 请注意.太平洋医疗诊所仅接受预约患者。

* Prices include GST, Not Medisave Claimable, Not covered by Vaccine Injury Financial Assistance Programme (COVID-19)
* 价格含消费税,  不能向医疗储蓄保险索赔, 也不能通过疫苗致伤援助计划索


Serology 血清学检测

What Are Serology Tests?
Serology tests are specialised blood tests that can detect the antibodies which our body generate as part of our immune response.  While our immune system is complex and many factors team up as part of our total defence system, serology remains the practical measurable solution to estimate the strength of our defence against COVID-19 virus.


Why do Serology Tests?

Serology tests are useful tools to assess our immune response to the vaccines. While serology guides major pharmaceutical companies when designing vaccine protocols or making vaccine recommendations at the population level designing, it can also shed light for our individual decision making process too.



血清学测试是检测身体的血液测试,可以检测我们身体在免疫反应中产生的抗体。虽然我们的免疫系统很复杂,而且许多因素共同构成我们整体防御系统的一部分,但血清学仍然是评估我们对 COVID-19 病毒防御强度的实用可衡量解决方案。





  • $75       CPass™   中和抗体测试

  • $65       Anti-S  测试结合抗体

  • $65       Anti-N 检测针对

    Price include GST.

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